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2021 Berkshire Electric Moped Step Thru or Straight Bar



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Back Ordered Please Place your Order With Jimmy We can customize these bike also see the last 2 pictures. Power System MASSIVE custom 60 tooth front gear and 7 speed derailleur for high speed pedaling and range extension Removable 1,176 Wh Battery Custom designed 2hp geared hub motor (1,492 Watt Nominal/ 2,400 Watt Peak) 95 n-m of torque Control Center Full color display Mirrors Thumb throttle and swappable grips 7 speed deraileur Hydraulic brakes 3 modes of pedal assist Lighting Rear Brake Lights and Turn Signals Duel LED High POWER Headlights Duel LED High POWER Headlights Specs and Guidelines Mopeds are back and are hitting the streets in an evolved/electric form. Unfortunately, federal/state guidelines in the USA are getting more complicated as the influence of electric spreads. Around the country there has been a rise in the 2hp (1,491 Watt) standard. This guidelines seeks to be the equivalent as the old 50cc rule for gas motors in many states. Our team spent two years developing a geared hub motor within this specification so that you don’t put yourself in legal jeopardy. The design is also programmed to keep within all 50 states’ speed guidelines: (20, 30, or 35mph depending on state) We then took it a step further and worked with the DOT to register the design for VIN’s and added all required safety features such as mirror and turn signals. As a result, you can stay within the guidelines and not need a motorcycle license! Q&A Let's get the important question answered and out of the way - Do you need to get insurance for your electric bicycle by law? The answer here is no, you do not need ebike insurance in the US. The key here is to understand what is being classified as an ebike and not a moped, electric motorcycle or any other form of motorized vehicle. On August 30th, 2019, the department of interior released a policy order that clearly defined what an ebike is classified as. Below are the 3 classes of ebikes in its simplest terms: Class 1 - Motorized bicycle that provides pedal assist up to 20 MPH Class 2 - Motorized bicycle that provides both throttle & pedal assist up to 20 MPH Class 3 - Motorized bicycle that provides pedal assist up to 28 MPH You can read the full order here:Order 3376 So as long as you are riding a class 1,2, or 3 ebike, you do not need to have insurance. In many cases, ebikes can even be covered through homeowners insurance. We encourage everyone to look further into their local and state laws to learn more about ebike policies. There are, however, instances where some may choose to look into purchasing insurance for various reasons. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the most important reasons why you might want to consider purchasing an insurance policy that covers your ebike. WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER E-BIKE INSURANCE E-BIKES ARE AN INVESTMENT If you have an electric bike or are considering purchasing one, then you know that it's a rather substantial investment. High-quality ebikes can often cost upwards of $1,000 all the way to nearly $3,000, while a high-end e-bike can cost upwards of $12,000. With an investment like that, you should alwaysbe sure that you have adequate coverage for damage, theft, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, e-bikes are often complicated in terms of electrical, mechanical, and computer-driven systems. Additionally, they usually travel relatively quickly and for great distances at a time, which makes them more susceptible to potential loss or damage. Ebikes are a substantial investment that you will absolutely need to protect. E-BIKES HAVE POTENTIAL RISKS Because electric bicycles often travel faster and are heavier than regular bicycles, they have a higher demand for liability coverage. This also makes them potentially dangerous for causing harm to someone else's property or physical injury to another. Without insurance, a bicycle rider who caused an accident may be held person

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